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Agricultural Contracting

We are established agricultural contractors who are delighted to be able to offer fully comprehensive services to landowners and stakeholders. Our company is renowned for its quality work ethic, dedication and passion for success. Our services range from haulage through to drilling, topping and hedge cutting, baling and wrapping, forage harvesting and much more. Moreover, we own a specialist fleet of vehicles and machinery which allows us to conduct everyday tasks to the best of our ability. So, why not make us your first choice for agricultural contracting? We guarantee we have everything you need.


Forage Harvesting

At R&L Anthony Contracting we can provide individual operations such as mowing, rowing, hauling or a complete field to clamp service. We run a modern forage harvester capable of producing the highest chop quality as well as recording yield data. Additives can be applied on a tonnage rate to help improve silage quality. Compactor roller can also be provided to help improve silage quality as well as increase the quantity you can get into your silage pits.


We offer a full grass operation beginning with mowing using triple mowers enabling us to cut a large acreage of grass efficiently to be able to make the most of available weather conditions. After mowing a 4-rotor rake is used to make the gathering up more efficient, we also have a twin-rotor which can be used for smaller jobs. We then pick up with our forager harvester and can offer tractors and trailers for haulage to the clamp. Silage is a big investment of time and money so the ensiling process is very important to ensure the best quality silage to keep livestock well fed, for this job we use our state-of-the-art buckrake with a JCB loading shovel.


Our 12-row easy collect header and spout extension are operated on our Krone forage harvester to help cut down on wheelings, as well as improving efficiency when opening up, even in small fields. The Krone Optimaize system that we use ensures consistent chop and that all grains are cracked to avoid any losses of nutrients and starch held within the grain. Floatation tyres are used on all equipment, including trailers, for minimal compaction.


For wholecrop harvesting, we use a direct cut header to give a clean stubble finish and consistent feed into the harvester while limiting grain losses. The 36 knife drum in the harvester allows optimal chop length can be achieved for both livestock and AD feedstocks.

Baling & Wrapping

We offer a reliable big square baling and wrapping service. Whether its silage, hay, haylage or straw having a huge output with our square baler gives us the ability to provide a consistent service, with timings being essential when producing quality bales. Baling with a high-density baler equipped with an onboard live moisture meter. Our McHale wrapper ensures a quick wrapping service to help reduce any spoilage of silage or haylage available for silage and haylage. Furthermore, a drying service can be offered for hay.


We offer a variety of drilling services including precision drilling for maize, disc or tine. We also carry out direct drilling for cereal crops and grass seeding, as well as specialist drilling, for pumpkins. Our drill is capable of drilling at high speeds, producing high outputs and work rates with minimal soil disturbance and ground compaction. 

Tractor & Trailer

We have an impressive range of machinery available to hire, from haulage with a silage trailer through to a grain trailer, dump trailer, low loader and flatbeds – we have it all. All our work is carried out to the highest of standards, so whether you require a one-off job or regular contract, make us your top choice for impeccable results.

Other Contracting Services

Due to the contracting business running alongside an extensive farming business we are able to offer a range of additional services including:

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