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Digestate & Slurry Management

We offer accurate application of digestate or slurry using the most advanced equipment run by highly experienced operators. Digestate, in the form of a by-product from an aerobic digestion plant, is available on a supplied and spread basis. We can offer a complete digestate management package including arranging haulage of digestate to the field, storage in our nurse tank or digestate bags and spreading, which is carried out using 2 state of the art Zunhammer tankers.

Dribble Bar Booms with Large Working Widths

Dribble bars with 18-24 meter working widths mean fewer wheelings on the ground, making it suitable to spread on all crops. The dribble bar system not only helps reduce smell and losses to the atmosphere but also means nutrients can be applied to crops at later growth stages when they have a greater requirement for it.

Tramline Shut Off

Tramline shut off gives the capability to not apply any product where machines are travelling to help reduce any damage to the ground while spreading as well as reducing weed growth in these areas. The pipes can all be turned back on to spread on grassland to give full coverage. Steering axles make the tankers very manoeuvrable and able to work in all field sizes such as smaller grassland as well as large arable blocks.

Flow Meters & Mapping

Flow meters allow accurate rates to be applied depending on crop and customer requirements.  Rates from as low as 8m3 can be achieved right up to what is needed. These meters are linked into the tractors GPS system allowing spreading maps to be downloaded for record-keeping. A monitoring service is provided with all products spread to help with NVZ regulations.

Improved Spreading Logistics

Spreading output can be aided by the use of Alligator winbags which range from 150m3 to 250m3 or our 38m3 nurse tank.  These give flexibility to in-field storage depending on access and space.

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